Document Archiving & Scanning Services

Document Archiving & Scanning ServicesOver a period of many years, Clear Removals have developed a full range of records management services to allow all client requirements to be catered for.  This could be a simple case of off-site storage of a clients’ archive boxes in Liverpool or Manchester which they access to view or we can take full management of the entire process including delivery back to your offices of required material.

All boxes are tracked within our warehouses using an advanced bar code tracking system that allows Clear to help a client control destruction dates and eliminates documents being stored for longer than is necessary.

To fully compliment our removal storage solutions we also offer a robust document scanning solution that enables 1,000’s of pages to be scanned and indexed on an hourly basis with the results stored directly to our highly secure web server.  This allows clients to share electronic files between colleagues and access information within hours of a request.

Once a document reaches the end of its’ working life we terminate its existence using a secure cross-cit’ shredding operation.  This process complies with guidelines by the data protection registrar and we issue a Certificate of Destruction to comply with legislation.