Building Protection

Manchester Building ProtectionPrior to the commencement of works for any relocation a Clear member of staff will perform a detailed risk assessment of both the loading and unloading addresses whether in Manchester, Liverpool or in the UK. During this survey consideration will be made into what level of building protection is required to protect carpets and flooring, doorframes, lifts and exposed corners to be used.

In the days prior to the relocation Clear staff will then arrange to be onsite to fit protective material to the fabric of the building to ensure no damage occurs.

Protective materials include:

  • Hard and soft flooring protection
  • Specialist lift protective systems (quilted)
  • Banister and handrail covering
  • Doorframe edging strips
  • Stair protection (hardboard sheeting)

Liverpool Building ProtectionAdditionally, when staff are to remain onsite during a relocation the project management staff will devise a clear structure of segregation to comply with H&S regulations.